The Benefits of Beneficial Microbes

Soil-life is often the forgotten factor in agriculture. When we apply minerals in a balanced form in the soil, it is not solely for the sake of the plant. A mineral-balanced soil determines the efficiency of the five billion microorganisms, which inhabit every teaspoon of healthy soil. Disease protection, nutrient uptake, available nitrogen supply and mineral stability are all functions of an efficient microbial workforce.

Life Force® Micro-Force™ consists of organisms that harvest free nitrogen from the atmosphere, friendly fungi that promote plant growth, and billions of organisms that improve the uptake of minerals from the soil to the plant. The more minerals we can deliver to the plant, the more intense the flavour and the greater the medicinal value of the food you are growing.

Life Force® Micro-Force™ kit includes the microbe inoculant in a powder form and Life Force® Liquid Microbe Food™, which are added to a bucket of water and aerated overnight with an inexpensive fish tank aerator. This completed microbe brew is then diluted and applied immediately after planting. When a new microbe workforce is introduced like this, it is always a good idea to send them off to work with a lunchbox of good quality food, so they hit the ground running. The lunchbox in this case is a product called Life Force® Seachange™. This is a proven combination of liquid fish fertiliser, seaweed and fulvic acid which provide the perfect food for both the new workforce and the existing organisms in your soil. The aim is to feed fungi, which in turn attract protozoa, which will herald the arrival of numerous earthworms seeking this microbe feast. Earthworms are nature’s fertiliser factories. They break down complex material into plant available minerals, while secreting mucus which locks moisture in the soil. 

Life Force® Gold™ is a “champagne” biological blend that features the good guys and everything that supports them, together in one potent mix. This “complete” fertiliser was seen as a viable alternative to the precision of soil testing, because it could offer coverage of all key minerals to ensure success. Many gardeners now recognise that the quality of their home-produced food will depend upon the mineralisation of their soils and the presence of beneficial soil life.

Life Force® Gold™ contains soil conditioners, soil-life promotants and all of the key minerals required for healthy, resilient plant growth. Most importantly, these components are combined with a high-carbon compost containing billions of beneficial microorganisms.


Microbe Secrets


1. Fertiliser requirements can be seriously reduced when you put the microbes behind the minerals. Try applying compost and microbes with your mineral blend for maximum results.

2. It is always a good idea to send your new workforce to work with a lunch box. This will improve both performance and colonisation. The favourite “lunch” treats include the three most important inputs in biological agriculture; humates, fish and kelp.

3. Be careful when including copper with compost teas, inoculums or composts, as it is a biocide that kills both fungi and bacteria. The rule of thumb is to limit copper inputs to just 10 g per 10 kg of compost or 10 grams per 10 litres of compost tea.

4. Humates (Life Force® Instant Humus™) are a wonderful ingredient for your soil as it helps to stabilse, magnify and retain nutrients while also providing the highly desirable “lunchbox” effect. Dissolve 2 teaspoons into a 9 L watering can and wet soil thoroughly. 9 L diluted covers approximately 4 m2



    In Conclusion

    Putting the microbes behind the minerals is real science that serves home gardeners on many levels.