Life Force® Platform™


Life Force® Platform contains four key strains of mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi burrow into the emerging root and create a network of fine hyphal strands in the soil providing a tenfold increase in root surface area. An effective suite of beneficial bacteria, as well as the multi-function workhorse, Trichoderma, are also included in this comprehensive formulation.

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Why: Mychorrhizal fungi increase mineral uptake – especially zinc, phosphorus and calcium. This blend of biology reduces fertiliser requirements and produces beneficial biochemicals to nurture the host plant and improve plant resilience. Mycorrhizal fungi also build soil humus levels, a vital component to improving soil fertility. 

How: Apply to plant roots by adding 1 teaspoon to a 9 L watering can and wetting the root zone thoroughly. 9 L covers approximately 4 m2. Agitate throughout application. Apply at bed preparation or whenever planting new seedlings.

Also effective as a Seedling Dip: Dip seedlings in a solution containing 2 teaspoons of Platform per litre. Stir solution regularly throughout process.

When: At planting, or annually for perennials/lawn.