Life Force® Organic Boost™


For those looking for a general liquid fertiliser, look no further than Organic Boost™. A moderate analysis all-purpose fertiliser, Organic Boost™ is ideal for vegetable, lawns, fruit or flower production.

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Why: Many soils lack the nutrients required to produce and maintain healthy plants, trees and lawns. Organic Boost™ offers a wide range of nutrients, including organic nitrogen, trace elements, kelp and natural plant growth promotants, in a concentrated liquid which is suitable for all gardens.

How: Dilute 2 capfuls (30 mL) into a 9 L watering can and wet leaves and soil thoroughly.

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Where: Organic Boost™ is ideal for your vegetable garden, orchard and flower beds.

When: Repeat every 2 weeks. Alternate with Organic Blooms™ for vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Size: 1 L