Life Force® Organic Blooms™


A high analysis potassium liquid fertiliser, Organic Blooms™ is the perfect companion product for Organic Boost™. Enhances photosynthesis for optimum plant health.

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Why: Plants and trees that bear fruit, flowers and vegetables require potassium. A lack of potassium can reduce the quality, quantity and health of produce and make plants more susceptible to disease. Organic Blooms™ offers a highly available form of potassium which all plants can easily access.

How: Dilute 1 capful (15 mL) into a 9 L watering can and wet soil thoroughly. Avoid sensitive foliage.

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Where: Organic Blooms™ is ideal for your vegetable garden, orchard, flower beds, orchids and roses.

When: Apply from flowering onward, repeat every 2-3 weeks.

Size: 1 L