Life Force® Microbe Brewer™


Part two of the NTS complete production kit for the home brewing of microbes to enhance plant growth and soil health. The pack includes a 20 litre bucket with lid, double outlet aerator, air stones and pipes.

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Why: Brewing the Micro-Force™ increases the potential numbers of microbes to one billion per millilitre of brew. This substantial increase maximises the opportunity for these microbes to colonise your soils.

How: Sanitise the bucket/pipes/stones with boiling water. Add 15 L of lukewarm water to the bucket. If using chlorinated water, bubble for at least one hour to remove chlorine, or until the smell of chlorine dissipates. Add inoculum and food source and aerate for 24 hours. Dilute inoculum and apply at recommended rates – include Organic SeaChange to give the microbes a little extra food before applying to the foliage and soil.

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When: Spring and autumn are ideal times to apply microbes because of the milder temperatures. The extreme heat of summer in most parts of the country is too harsh for the microbes. Winter in the tropics and even subtropics is ideal but too cold in many of the southern areas.