Life Force® Gold


Life Force® Gold™ is a complete fertiliser and soil conditioner with multiple ingredients that have been composted in a high carbon base. The broad range of minerals are correctly balanced and billions of beneficial microbes are present to ensure optimal delivery of the nutrients. All major minerals and micro-nutrients are included in this living, synergistic formulation. It supplies perfect food for the soil, the microbes and the plants and is the ideal pre-plant option for your home or school gardens.

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WhyThis is the best balanced foundation fertiliser on the market and it can serve to condition your soils, or create a functional mineral base and promote your soil life. This composted fertiliser also introduces an army of new beneficial organisms to look after your garden.

How: Apply at a rate of 200 grams (or 1 cup) per square metre. Sprinkle around tree crops and existing plantings. Blend the fertiliser into the topsoil for new planting areas. Blend 15 grams of Life Force® Gold™ per litre of potting media.

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Where: Life Force® Gold™ is ideal for your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lawns, exotic or ornamental gardens and pot plants. Avoid over-application on natives.

When: Fruit trees and ornamentals will benefit from a spring feed, while vegetable and flower crops may require more frequent feeding. These hungry crops respond well when they receive a light feed every 3 months. Top dress lawns in spring. In summer rainfall districts, an application after the wet season will replenish the leached nutrients.

Size: 3 kg