Life Force® Cell Strength™


Calcium and silicon are the two biggest players in cell-strengthening, and are subsequently critical for building plant resilience. Life Force® Trio™ is perfectly suited to boosting plant levels of calcium, and also contains essential magnesium and boron. Photo-Finish™ is included in this pack to help build plant silicon levels. Photo-Finish™ also contains potassium, kelp and humic acid.

Consistent plant sap pH (a measure of sap acidity/alkalinity) throughout your plants is also important for ensuring optimum plant resilience. This pack includes 2 sets of Life Force® pH Strips (30 tests), giving home gardeners the opportunity to compare the sap pH of young/new leaves with old leaves. Ideally, the sap pH should be similar for both. A lower pH in the older leaves is often an indicator of insufficient potassium, particularly prevalent during flowering/fruit-fill.

Life Force® Cell Strength™ includes:

- 500 mL bottle of Life Force® Trio™ Refill Concentrate
- 1 L bottle of Photo-Finish™
- 2 sets of Life Force® pH Strips (30 tests).


Pack Weight: 2.5 kg