Soil Testing

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a productive home garden. As a home gardener, it is important to gain an understanding of the biological, physical and chemical interactions that govern soil and plant health. One of the most crucial factors in ensuring optimum fertility is mineral balancing. It is known that some minerals inhibit the uptake of others, some stimulate the uptake of others and, at high levels, some minerals even limit their own uptake. With the myriad of interactions between minerals, it can be a daunting task to try to achieve the optimal balance. 

Research has shown that plants grown in mineral balanced soils are nutrient-dense and full of vitality. The Soil Testing service from Home Soil Solutions allows you to bypass the guesswork. This comprehensive report explains the mineral levels in your soil, while also assessing mineral ratios, organic matter, pH and soil structure. Based on this information, a customised fertiliser blend can be tailored to improve your soil, along with an easy-to-follow plan of action to get your garden flourishing.

Make your home garden the ultimate wellness tool. For more information please click the following link