Introducing the Life Force® Home Range

Discover a revolutionary new way to produce pesticide-free food with forgotten flavours and enhanced medicinal qualities, in three simple steps.

Growing your own, wholesome, nutritious food has never been more important. Your home garden can be your ultimate wellness tool, but it can also be your insurance policy for personal food security if the going gets tough.

Home food production also offers "champagne food" at its most nutrient-dense and medicinal. You have the absolute luxury of picking your fresh produce directly before you eat it. The intense flavours can be something very special as you have avoided the degeneration associated with food miles. Leading chefs are finally realising that the food producer is a major factor in mastering flavour.

Gardening novices often abandon the project when their first attempt is marred by spindly, pest-ridden plants. The new Life Force® Home Garden range involves cutting-edge formulas gleaned from decades of global experience in intensive horticulture. It is the only home garden program to provide a simple, 3-step strategy that ensures vibrant, resilient, productive plants. This is not just a "Gardening for Dummies" option – these unique formulas will also improve plant performance and plant resilience for the most experienced of home gardeners.